Thursday, February 12, 2009


Theatre of the disturbed is a non-profit and independent theatre group based in Yangon, Myanmar. The group was founded by Myanmar artist Nyan Lin Htet and French musician/humanitarian worker Lorène Tamain in 2005 with the intention of promoting contemporary art practice in the fields of performing arts and visual arts in Myanmar.

Since its formation, the group has been actively involved in both local and international art scenes (visual and performing arts in particular). Since the formation of the group in Myanmar in 2005, the group has made more than 10 theatre productions of plays by local and international playwrights. Also, since 2007, theatre of the disturbed has invited international artists to conduct workshops and seminars on contemporary theatre and performance art in Myanmar.

Most remarkably, the group successfully organized the very first festival of contemporary theatre and performance art (iUi#01) in Myanmar in February 2008 with the support of Alliance Française de Rangoun (French Cultural Centre - Yangon) and other international art & cultural associations (ANA-Arts Network Asia and ACC-Asian Cultural Council).

Besides, theatre of the disturbed is the only local theatre group that premiered the plays of Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot, Not I, Rockaby, Oh! Happy Days, Act without words 2) and Eugene Ionesco (Rhinoceros) in Myanmar since 2006. The group is also the first independent local theatre group which premiered the theatrical adaptation of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis in Myanmar in collaboration with Alliance Française de Rangoun and Goethe Institut (Indonesia).